Temple University Philosophy Mentor Program

Welcome to the homepage for the Temple Philosophy Department’s Philosophy Mentor Program. We are excited for this upcoming2021-2022 school year! We hope to provide a space for solace, friendship, community, and learning in which everyone feels safe, respected, and intellectually encouraged.

The Philosophy Mentor Program is a graduate student-led initiative focused on increasing engagement with philosophy and community within the philosophy department at Temple. Founded in 2015, the program has hosted dozens of graduate student mentors and hundreds of undergraduate volunteers. Since its inception as a small student collective, the Philosophy Mentor Program has grown into a central program within the department that serves the community in a broad number of ways.

The main focus of the Philosophy Mentor Program is to pair undergraduate students with a graduate mentor. You will work with your mentor for the year. These pairings are low-pressure, informal, and fun! Graduate student mentors will meet with undergraduate to discuss philosophical topics of your choosing, including areas you may not be familiar with. At the end of the day, the time is yours and you should use it in whatever way you feel will be most enriching!

The Philosophy Mentor Program is recommended for everyone. If you are a junior or a senior, and you are thinking of applying to graduate school, then you are VERY HIGHLY recommended to join. This is an opportunity to work with someone who has gone through the process you are about to go through. Graduate Student Mentors are happy to talk about writing statements, letters of intent, building a CV, and all of the other steps involved in going to graduate school. They can also offer up to date information on the state of the profession and give insight into which schools might be a good fit for you.

So welcome! Please take a minute to explore the site, and feel free to email the Philosophy Mentor Program Coordinators:

Caleb Zimmerman – tuj66899@temple.edu
Max Engleman  – tuk9877@temple.edu