Monthly Archives: February 2023

Fifth Annual Nobel Prize Lecture

The fifth annual Nobel prize lecture in economics was given on October 28, 2022. The lecturer was Professor Charles Swanson of the Economics Department at Temple University. The lecture was given live and also virtually using Zoom, which allowed for the creation of a video recording which you can view by clicking here.

As was the case with the first four lectures in this series, this lecture was cosponsored by the Temple University chapters of Omicron Delta Epsilon and Phi Beta Kappa, and by the Temple Economics Society.

Special thanks to our chapter’s current officers, Zainab Malik, Brandon Miskanic, and Akah Banerjee, Professor Michael Leeds from the Economics Department and Phi Beta Kappa, and Temple Economics Society President Akash Banerjee for their help in running the Zoom webinar and their participation in it.