Career Building

Advice for figuring out what’s next

Your education is for a purpose. As a professor, I hope that part of that purpose is to feed a curious and thoughtful mind — to build a framework for students to independently identify and solve interesting and useful problems.

But building a productive career and filling your stomach is also important.

First Steps

Each year I try to provide an outline of advice for developing essential tools for the job hunt. Some of these resources are listed below:

  • How to prepare a resume, cover letter, and build a network (Resume Seminar v201711).
  • Departmental events are posted here. Seminars give you perspective from researchers at other institutions and people at work in industry or government. Departmental events help you network and build jobs skills.
  • Get notified about events such as resume workshops, job fairs, and more in EES through our email listservs (TU login required): (you can search from: for:
    • EES Undergraduates eesstudents at
    • EES Graduate listerv: eesgrad at

EES Resources for the Job Hunt

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