Our program will provide scholars with the tools necessary for persistence within academia with a focus on three key areas of professional development: Research Skills, Foundational Neuroscience Knowledge, and Commitment to Community

Building a Neuroscience Research Pipeline

  • Integrated research experiences during the academic year
  • Immersive summer research experiences at Drexel University, Temple University, or University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Opportunities to build presentation skills at local and national meetings
  • Grant writing training and experience
  • Individualized mentoring teams to provide a network for scientific, scholarly, academic, and practical guidance

Building a Foundation of Neuroscience Knowledge

  • Coursework to build technical excellence in Neuroscience
  • 2-day orientation workshop to set scholars up for success
  • Annual MiNDS retreat with opportunities to present your work and hear from renowned researchers in the field

Building a Commitment to Increasing Neuroscience Awareness in the Community

  • Development of personalized outreach activities with your scholar cohort
  • Opportunities to create student-driven events that highlight awareness about the importance of diversity in neuroscience, fosters inclusion and representation in academic spaces, as well as increasing knowledge about neuroscience to the lay public