Frequently Asked Questions


Summer Research

Academic Year


Do I need research experience to apply?

No, the program is designed to provide research experiences to students who have a strong interest in pursuing a career in research.

Is there a minimum GPA needed to apply? 

No, all applications are viewed as a whole and we do not have a GPA cutoff.

I’m a first/last year student, can I apply? 

The program is intended for students who can commit two years to the program, so we will consider anyone who has 1.5 semesters left before graduation.

I’m not a psychology or neuroscience major, can I apply?

Yes! You do not have to be a psychology or neuroscience major to apply for our program. You will be conducting psychology or neuroscience-related research, however we can help find a lab that’s the best fit for your interests.

I’m an international student, can I apply?

No, this program is for US citizens and permanent residents only.

Are unofficial transcripts accepted? 

Yes, you may submit unofficial transcripts but they must include your grades from the Fall semester.

How many recommendation letters do I need? Who should I ask to write them?

One letter is required and you may submit an additional letter if you would like. You should ask professors who know you well and can write about your interest in scientific research. If you choose to provide an additional letter you can also ask former work supervisors who can attest to your work ethic. Feel free to reach out to Dr. Briand if you would like advice on who to ask to write you a letter. Be sure to give letter writers at least 2-3 weeks notice to write the letter.

Summer Research

When does the summer research take place? 

MiNDS Summer research typically runs from late May-the first week of August.

Where do students engage in summer research? 

Students can work in labs at Temple University, University of Maryland College Park, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine, or Drexel University.

How are summer lab placements made?

Students will submit a list of 4-8 potential mentors and will meet with Dr. Olson or Dr. Briand to narrow this down to the mentor that would be the best fit for their research interests.

Do I need to work in the same lab over both summers?

Students may work in the same lab or they may choose to work in a different lab over the second summer. Each student will have a mentoring team that will help them decide what is the best choice for their long-term goals.

What is the summer research stipend?

Students will receive $6000 for working over the summer.

Are housing/meals provided?

We will assist students will finding housing for the summer but housing/food costs will come out of the research stipend. The stipend is sufficient to cover the cost of living in Philadelphia or Baltimore comfortably. Students are also responsible for their own transportation to the lab they choose to work with.

Academic Year

Where do students engage in research during the academic year? How many hours per week is required?

Students will either join a lab at their home institution or make arrangements to work remotely doing research at one of the partner institutions. Students will work 6-10 hours per week depending on their academic course load. Student can choose whether to be paid for this time or receive credit or some combination of the two.

Are students allowed to work in the lab for academic credit?

Yes, students can elect to receive Independent Study academic credit for their research. However, students cannot receive pay for the same hours that are counted towards academic credit. Students can opt to receive a combination of both pay and credit by working hours beyond what is required for their Independent Study. This needs approval prior to the start of the semester.