While it’s still Spring: A recap of TUL @ Spring Fling

On Wednesday, April 17th, Temple Libraries joined 200-plus Temple organizations and vendors at Spring Fling 2013.  It was delightful to participate in our second year at Spring Fling.

Here’s a little recap, with big thanks to everyone who volunteered.
 . . . in  Numbers:
Too many students to count
480 Straws
300 Buttons & pens
200 Bookmarks, library bags, & Tastykakes
50 Mustaches
18 Energetic table volunteers (from Access
Services, acquisitions & collection development, Digital Library Initiatives, Library technology services, reference and instructional services)
Several more staff & student workers behind
the scenes
1 Sad Cat

 . . . and in Pictures

300 promotional buttons spread out on a table.

Tastykake inspired paper weights, including Honey Buns and Cinnamon Swirl Danishes.

Volunteers at an open air table during the TU Fest.

Students gathered around the library table.

Student holding up a Temple branded swag bag.

Volunteer showing off a hand drawn cat picture to a student .

Students gathering swag fro the library table.

Hand drawn image of a cat head.

Leftover swag on table including pencils and straws.


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