New Look and URL for E-ZBorrow

As of today E-ZBorrow has a new URL.

It is

At the same time E-ZBorrow is introducing a new user interface that we hope will make searching and requesting easier and more efficient. While the search box is unchanged, the display of the results is more clear and on the left margin you can limit the search with a variety of screening tools.

Screenshot showing example of new E-ZBorrow search result screen (linked to larger version).

Notice the search features on the left side of the page

Once you select a book to obtain from the result list, you’ll see it is much easier to request that book.

Screenshot example of new E-ZBorrow single record result screen, (linked to larger version).

It is now easier to request an EZBorrow

We value any feedback you may have. If you would like additional assistance with E-ZBorrow contact pmyers@temple,edu or 215-204 -0749.

If you have trouble logging in or making requests please call 215 204 -0744.

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