New York City Writers Descend on Paley Library

New York City Writers Descend on Paley Library Prolific and well-versed writers Emily Gould and Keith Gessen come to Philadelphia on October 26 and 27 for a two-day program on writing and publishing. Marco Roth, a 2009 Pew Fellow for the Arts, will join Gessen to discuss their literary journal, n+1, on the 27th.

These young writers have emerged on the Philadelphia and New York scenes over the past five years and amongst them boast publication in the New York Times, The New Yorker, the Nation and the London Review of Books. Both discussions take place at Paley Library Lecture Hall located at 1210 Polett Walk on Temple’s Main Campus. On October 26 at 5:30 p.m. Emily Gould will be joined by scholar/poet Rachel Blau DuPlessis. They will explore the craft of writing, popular culture and media, and their love of pets. Gould wrote a cover story for the New York Times magazine, and has written a plethora of articles, commentary, and opinion pieces for myriad online and print sources. She recently published her first full-length book And the Heart Says Whatever.

On October 27 at 3:30 p.m. Keith Gessen and Marco Roth will discuss the establishment of their new literary journal, n+1. This journal has lead to multiple offshoots including a mini-book series, a film review print journal, and an online book review periodical. Their latest mini-book, What Was the Hipster? has just been released, and the n+1 inventors have held a series of discussions on this post-modern cultural phenomenon.

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