Start a New Student Organization

How to Start a New Student Organization

Potential student organizations must send a request in writing to the SBA Board of Governors by emailing the current SBA President. The request must include the goal or purpose of the proposed organization and be accompanied by a petition of 15 signatures of prospective members who are not in their final year at Temple Law. Examples of past probationary charter requests are available upon request. If the BOG approves, the request for probationary charter will be submitted for majority vote at the next Student Senate.

At the Senate meeting, the proposed organization should be prepared to discuss information that would help the Senate decide whether to grant probationary charter status, such as the mission of the organization, approximate number of currently interested students, possible events the organization would hold (in light of how they would benefit the Temple Law Community), faculty advisor (if there is one), etc.

The Senate will then vote to determine whether the proposed organization will be granted probationary charter status. If approved by a majority of the Senate, the new organization will be in probationary status for the first year and will only be able receive SBA funds through requests from the 106, or contingent account.
After one year, the organization is reviewed during the annual organization review process. If, after organizational review, Senate votes to grant the organization full charter (usually the last SBA meeting of the year, after organizational review), the new fully-chartered organization can then request funds the next year.

To pass organizational review for the probationary year, the organization must have to have two events/meetings per semester and have at least 10 active members as defined in the SBA Constitution and By-Laws.