11/14/19 Meeting Wrap Up

The SBA Senate Meeting slides can be found here, audio can be found here.

Here’s what happened:

  • President, Dan Cole discussed TLAA PA Bar Admission Day, his upcoming semester in Japan, and, in response to some security concerns, the Temple Police Walking Escort Program (Information for the program will be made available by building exits)
  • Some words from Professor Carpenter in reaction to the OutLaw’s First Annual Drag Show can be found here.
  • 3L President, Cameron Redfern announced 100 Days to Graduation – all pertinent, graduation-related dates will be provided to graduates; also, a survey will be coming out to graduating students soon.
  • 1L Senator, Haesun Burris-Lee discussed ideas for students with children mentorship programs pre-enrollment and once enrolled.
  • Secretary, Angela Tate (Me) thanked everyone for their cooperation with the new SBA Listserv Email Form, and mentioned that raffles are not allowed as a fundraiser because they are illegal in PA
  • Treasurer, Hiruy Berhane gave the deadlines for fall 109 reimbursements: 11/28/18, and the deadline for Spring budget proposals is 1/14/19 at 10 PM.
  • ABA Representative, Dominique Montoya congratulated Committee of 51 on their receipt of an ABA grant for their career panel event in the Spring, and announced the internship opportunities below.
  • Resolutions!
    • Amendment to the Class Speaker Elections Process- unanimous vote to distribute to student body
    • Allocation of $1000 for the 3L/4LE Graduation Party – unanimous vote to approve
    • David Frias presented an Immigration Policy – unanimous vote to adopt

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