What is the Temple Law Student Bar Association? 

The Temple Law Student Bar Association is your student government that advocates on behalf of the student body, allocates the budget from your student activity fee to student organizations, keeps you updated about student organizations’ events and and connects students and student organizations with opportunities from the ABA for event funding and internships. The good news is, you are already a member. The better news is, you can become even more involved by running for a position as a Senator or Honor Code Representative in the upcoming SBA Fall election, by joining an SBA or Student-Faculty committee, or by attending SBA meetings either out of interest or on behalf of a student organization. We hope to see you at SBA meetings and events this year! 

We are your 2021-2022 SBA Board of Governors! 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us individually: 

Laura Wojcik, President

Sarah Martinez, Evening Vice President

Lina Ruth Duiker, Day Vice President

Maggie Nealon, Secretary

Timmy Miller, Treasurer

Elaine Barton, ABA Representative

Jonah Sho Levinson, Parliamentarian

Or, you can simply email all of us at sbamail@temple.edu.

We wish everyone a great year and we will do what we can to make sure that happens!


Your SBA Board of Governors