9/26/18 SBA Senate Meeting Recap (with links to audio and slides)

The audio for the 9/26/18 Senate meeting can be found here. The slides can be found here.

  • Professor Abreau spoke about the ABA accreditation process, and more specifically, the self-assessment which is completed by the law school faculty. She said she will be looking for student feedback in meetings with small groups of students and a student body-wide survey in February. The self-assessment reports the law school’s strengths, weaknesses and aspirations for the future.
  • SBA Parliamentarian, Sam Katz, provided an overview of meeting conduct according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • ABA Representative, Dominique Montoya, informed student organization leaders of ABA grants that are available up to $1000 for an event. The requirements and details will be distributed soon.
  • SBA President, Dan Cole, provided some reminders for student organizations – flyers: limit of 25, must be numbered, must be removed after the event, advised to send all agenda items by the Saturday before the SBA meeting, and went over SBA senate committees.
  • SBA Secretary, Angela Tate, reviewed the SBA Email Listserv Policy: Event information by 7 PM Sunday for Monday’s email, Non-event announcements by 12 PM on Wednesday for Thursday’s email.
  • SBA Vice-President, Sonjay Singh, reviewed information about Barrister’s Ball, compared survey information from last year to plans for this year.
  • SBA Treasurer, Hiruy Berhane, reviewed the budget allocations, mentioning that more was allocated for fall than spring based on historical spending. He then reviewed the catering exception form and tax exemption requirements and introduced the Diamond Dollars Pilot Program for organizations ordering from City View pizza (details were sent in an email on 9/27).
  • SBA President, Dan Cole, then put the following resolutions forward for a vote:
    • The budget, as allocated, was approved by unanimous vote.
    • The funding of Halfway to JD for 2Ls and 2LEs by $500 Field House gift card, with the 2L and 2LE class accounts’ total of $400 being moved to Barrister’s, was approved by unanimous vote.
    • Faculty/Student Committee members,¬†Career Services: Christine Lafferty (1L); [Seeking 1], Curriculum: David Nagdeman (4LE); Jediah Grobstein (2L), and¬†Public Interest Committee: Reena Naik (1L); Sarah Connor (1L), were approved by unanimous vote.



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