1/23/19 Meeting Wrap up

The slides from the 1/23/19 SBA Senate Meeting can be found here,audio can be found here.

Important meeting takeaways:

  • Although in Japan, our SBA President is still president-ing (all of his contact info can be found on slide 2).
  • Some Resources for Furloughed Federal Employees:
    • Temple Food Bank, donate or pick up: “Cherry Pantry
      • Room 224A , Second Level, Student Center North
      • Tuesday, 1pm – 5pm; Wednesday, 1pm -5pm; Thursday: 4pm – 8pm
    • Philabundance
    • Admission to Philly institutions
    • NASWA compiled resources
    • Unemployed workers should text FEDSD to 898-211 to receive updates and information through 2-1-1 via text. The text code will be active throughout the shutdown. When FEDSD is texted to 898-211 it will direct subscribers to specific resources and how to connect with a 2-1-1 center if their need is urgent. Through PA 2-1-1, the United Way of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, and the American Federation of Government Employees District 3.
  • The Barrister’s Ball is Friday, March 22nd at Vie
    • Tickets will go on sale next month (anticipated 2/19)
    • Theme is ‘Old Hollywood’
    • Dietary needs can be met on site
  • The budget allocations for Spring 2019 can be found here.
  • Resolutions:
    • Class Speaker Elections Bylaws Amendment – Passed by unanimous vote
    • 2019 Budget Allocations – Passed by unanimous vote
  • New Business, Old Business, Shameless Plugs, etc.
    • Please be respectful of organizations’ events
      • Do not simply show up to events to take food and leave
      • Food leftover from is placed in the cafeteria after meetings, help yourself at that time
      • A suggestion to organizations to avoid this: place food in the front of the room (somewhere where it would be awkward for someone to take food from if they are not planning to stay for the event)

11/14/19 Meeting Wrap Up

The SBA Senate Meeting slides can be found here, audio can be found here.

Here’s what happened:

  • President, Dan Cole discussed TLAA PA Bar Admission Day, his upcoming semester in Japan, and, in response to some security concerns, the Temple Police Walking Escort Program (Information for the program will be made available by building exits)
  • Some words from Professor Carpenter in reaction to the OutLaw’s First Annual Drag Show can be found here.
  • 3L President, Cameron Redfern announced 100 Days to Graduation – all pertinent, graduation-related dates will be provided to graduates; also, a survey will be coming out to graduating students soon.
  • 1L Senator, Haesun Burris-Lee discussed ideas for students with children mentorship programs pre-enrollment and once enrolled.
  • Secretary, Angela Tate (Me) thanked everyone for their cooperation with the new SBA Listserv Email Form, and mentioned that raffles are not allowed as a fundraiser because they are illegal in PA
  • Treasurer, Hiruy Berhane gave the deadlines for fall 109 reimbursements: 11/28/18, and the deadline for Spring budget proposals is 1/14/19 at 10 PM.
  • ABA Representative, Dominique Montoya congratulated Committee of 51 on their receipt of an ABA grant for their career panel event in the Spring, and announced the internship opportunities below.
  • Resolutions!
    • Amendment to the Class Speaker Elections Process- unanimous vote to distribute to student body
    • Allocation of $1000 for the 3L/4LE Graduation Party – unanimous vote to approve
    • David Frias presented an Immigration Policy – unanimous vote to adopt

10/17/18 Meeting Wrap Up

Quick Recap of the 10/17/18 Senate Meeting, slides can be found here; audio can be found here

  • Dean Bretschneider
    • introduced academic advising for upper-level students (check your inbox for details
      • 1 couch was removed, the building was checked, and sprayed as a preventative measure
  • President
    • Reminder that proxies must be approved in advance by sending an email to dan.cole@temple.edu
    • Comments on the Kavanaugh confirmation and it affect on survivors of sexual assault and abuse
    • Outlaw’s Drag Show is 11/8 at 7:30 PM in K1E!
    • Flyer policy
      • Only remove if
        • it’s for your event
        • the event has passed
      • DO NOT remove just because you do not like it
    • Committees
      • Accreditation Working Group Committee
      • Senate Committees
      • Faculty Review Committee (past email)
  • VPs
    • Barrister’s Ball Theme brainstorming
      • Gritty (Hopefully we’re kidding)
      • Old Hollywood
  • Treasurer
    • Diamond Dollars Program
      • Now expanded to other vendors
      • Contact Britt Walden 1 week prior to event to ask if your vendor qualifies
    • Rosa’s Pizza
      • See previous email from Dean Bretschneider
  • Resolutions
    • Tipping- Proposed cap pf 15% tip can be reimbursed (University cap is 18%) – Majority voted against
    • Faculty/Student Committee Approval: Sabra Nathanson (1L)
    • Deans Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion:Nadijah Campbell 2L, TJ Denley 3L and Grace Chehoud Vangelo 4LE
  • New Business
    • Dean Bretscheider read a statement from Brian Schroeder in which he apologized for his use of the phrase “meditate don’t medicate” in the flyer to promote Thoughtless Thursdays. The statement can be heard on the Senate meeting recording (which will be posted to the SBA Website soon) or contact Dean Bretschneider.
    • A class officer expressed concerns about security when leaving the law school at night, Dean Bretschneider reminded everyone about the Walking Escort Program.

The NEW SBA Listserv Email Form!

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, the new SBA Listserv Email Form is for you!

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9/26/18 SBA Senate Meeting Recap (with links to audio and slides)

The audio for the 9/26/18 Senate meeting can be found here. The slides can be found here.

  • Professor Abreau spoke about the ABA accreditation process, and more specifically, the self-assessment which is completed by the law school faculty. She said she will be looking for student feedback in meetings with small groups of students and a student body-wide survey in February. The self-assessment reports the law school’s strengths, weaknesses and aspirations for the future.
  • SBA Parliamentarian, Sam Katz, provided an overview of meeting conduct according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • ABA Representative, Dominique Montoya, informed student organization leaders of ABA grants that are available up to $1000 for an event. The requirements and details will be distributed soon.
  • SBA President, Dan Cole, provided some reminders for student organizations – flyers: limit of 25, must be numbered, must be removed after the event, advised to send all agenda items by the Saturday before the SBA meeting, and went over SBA senate committees.
  • SBA Secretary, Angela Tate, reviewed the SBA Email Listserv Policy: Event information by 7 PM Sunday for Monday’s email, Non-event announcements by 12 PM on Wednesday for Thursday’s email.
  • SBA Vice-President, Sonjay Singh, reviewed information about Barrister’s Ball, compared survey information from last year to plans for this year.
  • SBA Treasurer, Hiruy Berhane, reviewed the budget allocations, mentioning that more was allocated for fall than spring based on historical spending. He then reviewed the catering exception form and tax exemption requirements and introduced the Diamond Dollars Pilot Program for organizations ordering from City View pizza (details were sent in an email on 9/27).
  • SBA President, Dan Cole, then put the following resolutions forward for a vote:
    • The budget, as allocated, was approved by unanimous vote.
    • The funding of Halfway to JD for 2Ls and 2LEs by $500 Field House gift card, with the 2L and 2LE class accounts’ total of $400 being moved to Barrister’s, was approved by unanimous vote.
    • Faculty/Student Committee members, Career Services: Christine Lafferty (1L); [Seeking 1], Curriculum: David Nagdeman (4LE); Jediah Grobstein (2L), and Public Interest Committee: Reena Naik (1L); Sarah Connor (1L), were approved by unanimous vote.



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