Under the auspices of the Laura H. Carnell Chair and in his capacity as founding Director of Temple Law School’s Institute for International Law & Public Policy, Professor Dunoff has organized a variety of symposia, seminars, conferences and workshops that have brought leading international law scholars and practitioners to the Temple community.

For information regarding some of these initiatives, please click on the links below:

Laura H. Carnell Chair Seminars

Spring 2023: The Last Colony: A Tale of Exile, Justice and Britain’s Colonial Legacy (with Philippe Sands)   

Spring 2023: Peace Through Law? The League of Nations and International Law (with Morten Rasumussen) 

Spring 2022: Governance and Norms in a New World Order (with Greg Shaffer) 

Spring 2022: International Law and the Politics of History (with Anne Orford) 

Summer 2018: Agora on The Internationalists: How a Radical Plan to Outlaw War Remade the World (with Oona Hathaway and Scott Shapiro)

Fall 2017: Courting Failure: When are International Courts Likely to be Believed by Local Audiences? (with Marko Milanovic)

Spring 2017: The Power of Procedure and the Legitimacy of International Courts (with Hélène Ruiz Fabri)

Fall 2016: Jurisdictional Immunities and Human Rights (with Enzo Cannizzaro)

Spring 2016: The Structure of International Legal Argumentation (with Jean d’Aspremont)

Spring 2014: Between International Law and Politics: Subsequent Treaty Practice by the Parties (with Georg Nolte)

Spring 2013: Engaging the Writings of Martti Koskenniemi (with Martti Koskenniemi)

Book Workshops

Fall 2015: The Performance of International Courts and Tribunals

Spring 2013: The Continent of International Law (with Barbara Koremenos)

Spring 2011: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Law

Fall 2007: Ruling the World?

Institute for International Law & Public Policy Faculty Forum

Fall 2011: EU Law: Constitutionalism in Search of a Constitutional Theory (with Miguel Maduro)

International Law Colloquium

Fall 2011: Featuring paper presentations by

Philip Alston
Harlan Cohen
Monica Hakimi
Jan Klabbers
Galit Sarfaty
Greg Shaffer
Yuval Shany

Fall 2009: Featuring paper presentations by

Daniel Kelemen
Claire Kelly
Tim Meyer
Anthea Roberts