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Annual Report Guidelines

SPOs are required to submit an Annual Report to the President and Advisor of College Council at the end of each academic year. Here are the steps you must take to complete your report:

Please include a cover page on your report with the name of your Organization.

Please submit one succinct, complete report, not multiple documents.

  1. Membership
    • List of paid members with Emails and TUIDs.
    • Comparison of membership numbers to last year.
    • Activities designed to increase membership.
  2. Programs and Activities
    • List of speakers who came in, where they were from, the dates of the meetings, and the number of attendees if known.
    • Other events – mock interviews, dressing for success, career fairs, etc., and the number of attendees if known (refer to your allocation reports).
    • Professional development events – conferences, etc., and the number of attendees.
    • Participation in College Council activities (Blood Drive, Food Drive, Clothing Drive, Cherry Pantry, etc)
    • Awards – any recognition received this year.
  3. Fundraising
    • Dues structure – how much goes to National Organization (if applicable) and what students get for their dues. Can non-dues paying members still attend events?
    • Fundraising activities – what were the activities, and how much was earned.
    • How money from dues and other funds received are used 
  4. Community Service
    • Identify activities – block clean-ups, organization in the surrounding Philadelphia area etc.
    • Identify who was served – hospital, high school, etc.. Refer to community service sheet
  5. Problems and Issues Affecting the Organization
    • Membership and Participation
    • Fundraising
    • Professional Development
  6. Solutions to Problems Identified
  7. Strategic Goals and Milestones
  8. Appendices
    • This year’s Officers and their positions
    • Next year’s Officers and their positions
    • Copy of Constitution for the Organization
    • Placement list of Graduated Students – Names of Students and Companies of Employment (if known)