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Temple University’s Center for Political Behavior Research

We are devoted to understanding how people form political attitudes, and how they express those attitudes in their daily choices, decisions, and activities.

We are particularly concerned with the ways in which predispositions, information processing, and the communication context shape the attitude formation processes and civic engagement of citizens and voters.

Check Out Our Lab Faculty in the News

David Nickerson and Todd Rogers
Featuring: Elizabeth Wellington
Christopher C. Towler, Nyron N. Crawford and
Robert A. Bennett III


Book Publications

Kevin Arceneaux and Ryan J. Vander Wielen
Alexandra Gusinger
Kevin Arceneaux and Martin Johnson

Nyron Crawford

Article Publications

Claire Gothreau (2021)
Bert N. Bakker, Gijs Schumacher, Claire Gothreau & Kevin Arceneaux (2020)
Kevin Arceneaux (2020)