Temple’s 20-Year Club inducts its newest members – employees who began their careers at the university 20 years ago – and honors them again at 5 year increments in the Temple Performing Arts Center.

2022 Ceremony

2020-2021 Virtual Ceremony

2017 20 Year Club Award Ceremony

With Anthony Lower 25 Years at Temple, Bill Bergman 20 Years at Temple and Peggy Moore 35 Years at Temple, all Celebrating this year in the 20 Year Club.

2016 20 Year Club Award Ceremony

Doris Clowney Celebrates 46 Years at Temple

2015 20 Year Club Award Ceremony

63rd Anniversary

2014 20 Year Club Award Ceremony

62nd Anniversary

2013 20 Year Club Award Ceremony

61th Anniversary

Enjoying Retirement After a Lifetime in Paley Library

Thomas Whitehead, who retired from Temple after 45 years of service.

Temple Employee Accepts the Challenges of Radio

Tobias Poole, WRTI Operating Director, a 25-year Temple honoree.


Video By: Matt Repino
Temple University
School of Communications and Theatre