The 20 Year Club at Temple University is comprised of Temple University employees and retirees who have been employed at the University for 20 years or more by June 30th of the anniversary year.

Please visit the other tabs to learn more about our membership policies, the bylaws of the Club, the 20 Year pin replacement policy and to view a complete list of the current Board members.

Announcement Regarding the 2020 Event

As you may be aware, the City issued a new Stay at Home Order detailing restrictions on business activity, personal activity, and congregation in Philadelphia in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In accordance with these restrictions, The 20 Year Club Board is disappointed to announce that the 68th Annual Induction and Recognition, Reception is cancelled this year.  We all will miss catching up with everyone from our Temple Family.

This is such a wonderful and exciting event to celebrate your milestone and we would like to say Congratulations for this achievement.  We will celebrate the honorees for both 2020 and 2021 at the next Annual Induction and Recognition, Reception event.  The board will try to make it an even more special event then it already is in lieu of not having this years’ program.

Please visit the new 20 Year Club website to see the new inductees and anniversary recognition names who were being honored this year.

We will be looking forward to you seeing everyone at next year’s Annual Induction and Recognition Reception to celebrate your milestone.

We are in this together. Stay safe and well.


The Twenty Year Club Board

Our Purpose

The purpose of the 20 Year Club is:

To recognize and honor employees of Temple University who have completed Twenty (20) years of continuous full-time service.

To provide a function for formal recognition of employee service.

To provide a vehicle for continuing comradery among current and former employees, and for updating former employees of developments at the University.

Email questions to: 20yearclub@temple.edu


With Anthony Lower 25 Years at Temple, Bill Bergman 20 Years at Temple and Peggy Moore 35 Years at Temple, all Celebrating this year in the 20 Year Club.