Membership in the Club shall be extended to all non-faculty, active full-time employees on University payroll, who have completed twenty years (20) of continuous service by June 30th of the calendar year of the annual recognition function.  For any reason other than retirement, membership is terminated upon one’s termination from the University.

An employee who has served both as a member of the Faculty and a member of the Administration shall, upon completion of his or her 20th year of service, be informed of his/her eligibility – but that acceptance of membership in the Twenty (20) Year Club will preclude subsequent joining of the Faculty’s Twenty Five (25) Year Club.  After January 1, 1993, any such employee who accepts membership and later joins the Twenty Five (25) Year Club shall be dropped from the membership roll.

An employee who has previously been inducted into the Twenty Five (25) Year Club shall not be eligible for membership.

All members of record shall be invited as guests of the University to the annual recognition dinner with each member restricted to one guest for  whom a fee will be charged.


Anniversary recognition will be granted at the annual dinner following completion of the member’s 50th,45th, 40th, 35th, 30th, and 25th year of service. Retirees will be recognized at the dinner following the completion of the required anniversary year of service if the anniversary occurs before they retire.

Honorees are entitled to one free guest. Honorees may submit a written request for additional paid guests to the Board of Governors. Only the honoree can accept the pin at the dinner.