7/1/96 – 6/30/97

Kathleen J. Adams, Accounts Payable
Pamela J. Austin, Academic Computer Services
Annette M. Bakley, CLA:Dean’s Office
William T Bergman, Vice President for Public Affairs
Laurie D. Bernardi, Application Support Services
Carol M. Buck, Pharmacy:Dean’s Office
Fred Burton, Student Financial Services
Patrick T. Clark, Housing:Maintenance Administration
Shawn Cleary, TUSM:Student and Employee Health
John S. De Lio, Controller’s Office-Administration
Michael Dever, Japan Education Operations
James A. Devery, BUE Training Fund
Barbara S. Di Toro, Boyer: Continuing Education
John L. Dimino, Counseling Center
Iris J. Falu-Skinner, Podiatry:Fiscal Affairs
Thomas P. Fanrak, TUSM:Information Technology
Shuang-Xi Gong, Music:Keyboard
Joseph H. Heston, Podiatry:Print Shop/Mail Room
Debra Hutcheson, Application Support Services
Irene A. Imperio, TU Press:Marketing
William P. Johnson, WRTI Operations
Roderick B. Jones, Podiatry:Fiscal Affairs
Wessie T. Jones, Environ Health & Radiation Safety
Mary Jones-Furlow, Ed:Institute on Disabilities
Michael J. Juhas, Main-Housekeeping
Eustace Kangaju, Business:Dean’s Office
Joseph V. Labolito, News and Media Relations
Sharon I. Littleton, HR:Administration
David E. Martin, Podiatry:Student Affairs
Link Martin, Harrisburg
Frank D. Marzullo, Library:Ambler
David J. Mcdonough, Environ Health & Radiation Safety
Quetta N. Nicholson, Counseling Center
Elba Romero-Acevedo, Admissions
Shawn J. Schurr, CLA:Dean’s Office
Joseph L. Smallberger, Research: Executive Leadership
Cynthia E. Smith, Business:Dean’s Office
Stephanie J. Smith, CLA:French, German, Italian, Slavic
Peter P. Soontharothai, Business:Dean’s Office
Thomas W. Stauffer, Academic Computer Services
Sandra L. Suarez, CLA:Political Science
Gregory J. Szczepanek, Academic Computer Services
David B. Tomarchio, Housing:Maintenance Administration
Mayra Torres, TUSM:Orthopedics
Vincent L. Willoughby, TUSM:Finance
Wayne Wilson, Client Services