7/1/94 – 6/30/95

Velma I. Caraballo, TUSM:Otolaryngology
William J. Casey, HSC-Housekeeping
Chong G. Chen, TUSM:Center Substance Abuse Res
Brad Chilnick, TUSM:Administration
William M. Clement, HSC-835 Service Center
Allison Coll, TUSM:Orthopedics
Donna A. Conroy, Campus Safety
Carmen M. Corsino, Accounts Payable
Mark L. Darby, Paley Library
Tom J. Davis, Paley Library
Michael G. Degnan, Main-Steam Plant
Rosemary C. Dillon, Research: Administration
Joanne C. Drew, TUSM:Central Animal Facilities
Ron D. Freeman, Campus Safety
Thomas E. Fry, General Accounting
James G. George, Campus Safety
Oskar E. Geykhman, Application Support Services
Donna Gray, Campus Safety
Michelle L. Harmon, CLA:Psychology
Kelvin M. Holmes, Campus Safety
Noel S. Ismael, Main-Housekeeping
L.Harrison Jay, Government,Community and Public Aff
Johanne L. Johnston, Law:Admissions/Fin Aid
Matthew D. Lewis, Housing:Johnson Hardwick
Gregory K. McKinney, Paley Library
David J. Miller, BUE Training Fund
Jeffrey D. Miller, Institutional Advancement
Stephen L. Mistalski, Main-Housekeeping
Damon A. Mitchell, Campus Safety
Russell Moody, Campus Safety
John R. Oram, Paley Library
Ruth Z. Ost, University Honors
Betty A. Pauly, TUSM:Medical Education
Damaris Perez, TUSM:Administration
Neida M. Perez, Vice Provost Undergraduate Studies
Philip Polite, Campus Safety
Cynthia S. Robinson, Campus Safety
Carol M. Romano, Podiatry:Clinical Education
Hasain S. Sabir, Campus Safety
Matthew Simmons, Campus Safety
Glenice Smith-Jenkins, TUSM:Surgery/General
Ronald Stone, Housing:Maintenance Administration
Denise Taylor, TUSM:Neurology
Jennifer G. Trautwein, Institutional Advancement
Joan P. Waites, HR:Administration
Almon R. Whitaker, Office of the University Registrar
Mary B. Wilson, Law:Clinical Programs
Beth Wright, TUSM:Medicine/Hematology