John H. Artis, Dental School
Gregory Bonaparte, Housing
Gwendolyn C. Brooks, Dental School
Raymond C. Calicat, Facilities Management
Harry M. Clayton, Tyler School of Art
Michelle D. Clayton, Facilities Management
Valarie L. Clemmons, College of Health Professions
Harry M. Cleveland, BI/Reporting Services
Stephanie Corley-Logan, School of Medicine
Sherrie A. Davis, School of Medicine
Mary A. Frugale-Cook, School of Medicine
Judith Garriga, School of Medicine
Carla L. Grabianowski, School of Medicine
David E. Griffith, Institutional Research & Assessment
Horst H. Hausler, Facilities Management
Traci Hutchins, School of Medicine
Pamela A. James, College of Education
Latanya M. Johnson, Bursar’s Office
Gayle Jones, School of Medicine
Sheri E. Kelemen, School of Medicine
Douglas A. Lampo, School of Medicine
Joane M. Majors, College of Education
Paul R. Mcdonald, General Accounting
Francine Mcgarrah, Dental School
Joseph Mcleod, Parking Services
Michele L. Mohr, Facilities Management
Inna Pomeranets, Technical Support Services
Guadalupe Portillo, Facilities Management
Mary N. Ramseur, Campus Safety
Iris Sanders, Law School
Gloria D. Scott, Boyer School of Music
Vikram Singh, Fox School of Business
Fred Snead, Facilities Management
Lisa M. Stepp, Human Resources
Deborah Streahle, Telecommunications
Timothy M. Thomson, Facilities Management-HSC
Rodney Timmons, Facilities Management
Karen J. Ward, Human Resources
Belinda Wilson, College of Liberal Arts

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