50 Years 7/1/68-6/30/69
Barbara E. Henderson Dental: Graduate Endodontics

45 Years 7/1/73-6/30/74
Shelah C. Cox CST: Earth & Environmental Science
Carol A. Dahlberg Engineering: Electrical & Computer
Sandra A. Foehl Equal Opportunity Compliance
Nicholas J. Fouscas Campus Safety
Nancy E. Krody CLA: Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Patricia A. Pileggi TUSM: Faculty Affairs
Charles J. Puchon Human Resources
Gregory K. Reddick Main-Building Maintenance
Elaine Willis-Stemley Research: Executive Leadership

40 Years 7/1/78-6/30/79
Philip T. D ‘Andrea Paley Library
Jacqueline E. Everette University Honors
Jackie Hankins-Kent Military Science
Edward Kaczanowicz CST: Physics
Florence C. Kong Faculty Dental Practice
Edward D. Pinckney DDS: Ritter Hall
Stephen H. Pymer TUSM: Orthopedics
Thelma M. Ross TUSM: OB/GYN
Kathleen H. Schickling Dental: Graduate Endodontics
Brian P. Schwartz Main-Building Maintenance
Juanita H. Sparrow TUSM: Psychiatry
Brenda J. Washington Law: Dean’s Office

35 Years 7/1/83-6/30/84
Kevin M. Braunstein Main-Building Maintenance
Glen R. Ehly Campus Safety
Cynthia D. Gale Law: Dean’s Office
Diana O. Guevara CST: Biology
John J. Hansberry BUE Training Fund
Pamela R. Hopkins TUSM: Finance
Mary L. Longs CLA: Dean’s Office
Derrick A. Love CST: Biology
Cheryl R. Mack Faculty Senate
Kieran T. Mahan Surgery/Operation Room
Jille M. Mandel Tyler: Graphic Arts
Reuben McCoy Campus Safety
Anthony B. McCrae Main-Building Maintenance
Rena L. Nelson ITS: Client Services
Joyce L. Schofield Executive Office of the President
Curtis J. Starks Paley Library
Kathy Thompson Campus Safety
Theresa M. Webster Podiatry: Fiscal Affairs
Rosalind C. White ITS: Technical Support Services
Dianne H. Williams TUSM: Research Administration

30 Years 7/1/88-6/30/89
Eileen Aitken CPH: IT Operations
Leticia Alfredo TUSM: Medicine/Gastroenterology
Alexander L. Avallon TUSM: Orthopedics
Susan A. Banka ITS: Administration
Aslaku Berhanu Paley Library
Christine M. Brady Alumni Offices-Administration
Joanne B. Brogden ITS: Application Support Services
Ann M. Buchinsky Bursar: Credit and Collection
Harriet Butterfield Business: Academic Services
Deborah A. Campbell Business: Dean’s Office
Frances D. Cartwright Dental: Restorative-Operative
Jorge L. Cruz Facilities Mgmt: Energy Conservation- HSC
Cheryl Cummings Athletic Advising
Dawn R. Dandridge CPH: Communication Science
Daniel P. Davis Main-Post Office
Eric G. Fields Campus Safety
Michelle Fuller Podiatry: Health Service Operations
Joe Garcia Campus Safety
A.Vanetta Grant TUSM: Faculty Affairs
Diane C. Green-Gilmore CPH: Finance & Administration
Constance Harris-Crews TUSM: Medicine/Endocrinology
Adora F. Hatten Ed: Institute on Disabilities
Kathryn P. Hemsley TUSM: Orthopedics
Frank J. Isgro HSC-835 Service Center
Sandra K. Kennedy-Harper Klein: Media Studies and Production
Kathleen A. Kostic TUSM: TMS-Administration
Raymond W. Lauff ITS: Infrastructure, Operations & Security
Juanita Lavalais Housing: Resident Life
Irvin G. Martes Campus Safety
John M. McCarthy Klein: Administration
Daniel J. McColgan HSC-Housekeeping
Rozina McFadden Student Financial Services
Elaine M. Muraresku Pharmacy: Pharmacy Practice
Alicia M. Newsome TUSM: Administration
Kathleen S. Nogami HR: Payroll Management
Robert H. O’Malley Campus Safety
James C. Papacostas ITS: Client Services
Cynthia M. Patterson Student Financial Services
Gladys Plowden ITS: Client Services
Laura S. Reddick Office of Veteran’s Affairs
Dorothy Robinson TUSM: Medicine/Hospitals
John J. Ryan BUE Training Fund
Andrew T. Sanchez Main-BUE Service Center
Melva Smith TUSM: Center Substance Abuse Res
Catherine A. Thomas Campus Safety
Margaret Mary Tyler Controller’s Office-Administration
Thomas E. Ward Campus Safety
Scott H. Washburn Main-Building Maintenance
Karen G. Williams Athletics: Administration
Rosalind S. Williams Klein: Journalism
Jennie K. Wong TUSM: TCRI-Clin Research Coord.
Earlene B. Wright Bursar: Credit and Collection

25 Years 7/1/93-6/30/94
Gregory Bonaparte Housing: Maintenance Administration
Raymond Calicat Main-Housekeeping
Harry Clayton Tyler: Dean’s Office
Michelle Clayton Main-Housekeeping
Valarie Clemmons CPH: Social Work
Harry Cleveland ITS: BI/Reporting Services
Stephanie Corley-Logan TUSM:OB/GYN
Sherrie Davis TUSM:TUP Operations
Carla Grabianowski TUSM:TMS-Pulm/CriticalCare/SleepMed
David Griffith Institutional Research & Assessment
Traci Hutchins TUSM: OB/GYN
Pamela James Education: Teaching & Learning
Latanya Johnson Bursar: Credit and Collection
Gayle Jones TUSM: TMS-Pulm/CriticalCare/SleepMed
Sheri Kelemen TUSM: Cardiovascular Research
Joane Majors Education: Center Career & Tech Ed
Paul Mcdonald General Accounting
Joseph Mcleod Parking: Clearinghouse
Michele Mohr Main-Building Maintenance
Inna Pomeranets Technical Support Services
Guadalupe Portillo Main-Housekeeping
Mary Ramseur Campus Safety
Iris Sanders Law: Dean’s Office
Gloria Scott Boyer: Dance
Vikram Singh Business: Dean’s Office
Frederick Snead Main-Building Maintenance
Lisa Stepp HR: Employment
Deborah Streahle Telecommunications
Timothy Thomson HSC-Housekeeping
Karen Ward HR: Employment
Belinda Wilson CLA: Dean’s Office