50 years 7/1/63-6/30/64
Peter J. Liacouras, Chancellor
Earl Pearson Jr., School of Medicine: Fels Institute
Harold W. Perrong Jr., Dental School

45 years 7/1/68-6/30/69
Barbara E. Henderson, Dental School
Antoinette B. Newton, College of Science and Technology
Linda B. Pryor, College of Education
Theodore Richardson, Campus Safety
Christopher J. Rivera, Computer Services
Lasaundra A. Scott, College of Liberal Arts
Sharon A. Smith, College of Liberal Arts
Patricia H. Williams, College of Liberal Arts

40 years 7/1/73-6/30/74
Pamela J. Bennett, Dental School
Shelah C. Cox, College of Science and Technology
Carol A. Dahlberg, College of Engineering
Mittie Davis, Fox School of Business
Sandra A. Foehl, Equal Opportunity Compliance
Nicholas J. Fouscas, Campus Safety
Marvin E. Graham, Facilities Management
Nancy E. Krody, College of Liberal Arts
Judy C. Lennon, College of Science and Technology
Eileen C. Lichtenstein, School of Pharmacy
Catherine A. Patterson, Admissions
Patricia A. Pileggi, School of Medicine
Charles J. Puchon, Human Resources-TUH
Gregory K. Reddick, Facilities Management
Barbara D. Shedrick, Human Resources
Joanne M. Turner, Telecommunications
Frederick R. Turoff, Athletics
Joanne R. Webb, Accounts Payable
Elaine Willis-Stemley, Research

35 years 7/1/78-6/30/79
Philip T. D’Andrea, Paley Library
Jacqueline E. Everette, University Honors
Sally M. Frazee, Institutional Research & Assessment
Jackie Hankins-Kent, Military Science
Nancy Z. Henkin, College of Health Professions
Edward Kaczanowicz, College of Science and Technology
Florence C. Kong, Dental School
John P. Otis, HSC-Housekeeping
Edward D. Pinckney, Duplicating Services
Stephen H. Pymer, School of Medicine
Thelma M. Ross , School of Medicine
Lynne M. Schaefer, General Accounting
Kathleen H. Schickling, Dental School
Brian P. Schwartz, Main-Building Maintenance
Juanita H. Sparrow, School of Medicine
Brenda J. Washington, Law School

30 years 7/1/83-6/30/84
Kevin M. Braunstein, Main-Building Maintenance
Glen R. Ehly, Campus Safety
Sheryl E. Feldsher, School of Media and Communication
Cynthia D. Gale, Law School
Jeffrey S. Gechman, Law School
Diana O. Guevara, College of Science and Technology
John J. Hansberry, Facilities Management
Guysen W. Lockett, Campus Safety
Mary L. Longs, College of Liberal Arts
Derrick A. Love, College of Science and Technology
Cheryl R. Mack, Faculty Senate
Kieran T. Mahan, Surgery/Operation Room
Jille M. Mandel , Tyler School of Art
Reuben McCoy, Campus Safety
Anthony B. McCrae, Facilities Management
Jacqueline D. Murray-Johnson, Housing
Rena L. Nelson, Computer Services
Timothy C. O’Rourke, VP for Computer Services
Joyce L. Schofield, Campus Safety
Steven G. Shedrick, Duplicating Services
Curtis J. Starks, Paley Library
Kathy Thompson, Campus Safety
Theresa M. Webster, Podiatry
Rosalind C. White, Computer Services
Dianne H. Williams, School of Medicine:Fels Institute
William Wise, Main-Trucking
Pamela R. Younger, School of Medicine

25 years 7/1/88-6/30/89
Eileen Aitken, Computer Services
Leticia Alfredo, School of Medicine
Virginia A. Arnsberger, Facilities Management
Alexander L. Avallon, School of Medicine
Susan A. Banka, Computer Services
Dory V Bearden-Edwards, School of Medicine
Aslaku Berhanu, Library:Blockson Collection
Christine M. Brady, Alumni Relations
Joanne B. Brogden, Computer Services
Ann M. Buchinsky, Bursar’s Office
Harriet Butterfield, Fox School of Business
Deborah A. Campbell, Fox School of Business
Frances D. Cartwright, Dental School
Jorge L. Cruz, Facilities Management- HSC
Cheryl Cummings, Athletic Advising
Kandy M Dancy, HSC Library
Dawn R. Dandridge, College of Health Professions
Maurice I. Darby, Housing
Daniel P. Davis, Main-Post Office
Lisa Deem, Dental School
Eric G. Fields, Campus Safety
Michelle Fuller, Podiatry
Joe Garcia, Campus Safety
A. Vanetta Grant, School of Medicine
Diane C. Green-Gilmore , College of Health Professions
Constance Harris-Crews, School of Medicine
Adora F. Hatten, College of Education
Kathryn P. Hemsley, School of Medicine
Frank J. Isgro, Facilities Management-HSC
Sandra K. Kennedy-Harper, Dental School
Marianne P. Kilbride, School of Medicine
Kathleen A. Kostic, School of Medicine
Raymond W. Lauff, Computer Services
Juanita Lavalais, Housing
Irvin G. Martes, Campus Safety
Dedrah D. Martin, Dental School
John M. McCarthy, School of Media and Communication
Daniel J. McColgan, HSC-Housekeeping
Rozina McFadden, Student Financial Services
Jeffrey W. Montague, Tourism:Dean’s Office
Walter J. Moore, School of Medicine
Elaine M. Muraresku, School of Pharmacy
Alicia M. Newsome, School of Medicine
Kathleen S. Nogami, Human Resources
Robert H. O’Malley, Campus Safety
John R.S. Oram, Paley Library
James C. Papacostas, Computer Services
Cynthia M. Patterson, Tyler School of Art
Gladys Plowden, Computer Services
Laura S. Reddick, Ambler:Admissions
Dorothy Robinson, School of Medicine
John J. Ryan, Facilities Management
Andrew T. Sanchez, Facilities Management
Melva Smith, School of Medicine
Alberta L. Smith-Campbell, Alumni Communications
Catherine A. Thomas, Campus Safety
Margaret Mary Tyler, Controller’s Office
Thomas E. Ward, Campus Safety
Scott H. Washburn, Main-Building Maintenance
Karen G. Williams, Athletics
Rosalind S. Williams, School of Media and Communication
Jennie K. Wong, School of Medicine
Earlene B. Wright, Bursar’s Office