45 years 7/1/71-6/30/72
Geraldine P. Henderson, TUSM:Radiology
Helen E. Miller, TUSM:Student Affairs
Sharon L. Perry, TUSM:Pathology & Laboratory Medicin
Susan L. Schmanek, TUSM:Information Technology
Celestine M. Williams, Psychological Studies in Ed

40 years 7/1/76-6/30/77
Diana Breslin-Knudsen, Business:Dean’s Office
Helen M. Burke, Administration
Gwendolyn D. Deal, Law:Dean’s Office
James W. Degnan, Institutional Research & Assessment
Gail M. Gallo, Center Advancement of Teaching
Christine M. Greenleaf, TUSM:Administration
Rosa L. Grier, Paley Library
Marion Hansberry, Administration
Louis J. Higgins, Academic Computer Services
Richard E. James, Klein College:Operations and Supplies
Francine M. Liberman, TUSM:OB/GYN
Antoinette L. Matthews, CST:Biology
Maryann J. McGrory, Education:Undergraduate Resources
Cheryl Otterbein, TUSM:TUP Operations
Elizabeth Rodriguez, TUSM:Otolaryngology
Valerie J. Williams, Education:Teaching & Learning

35 years 7/1/81-6/30/82
Mark O. Aksoy, TUSM:TMS-Pulm/CriticalCare/SleepMed
William E. Eagan, Academic Computer Services
Linda L. Eichenlaub, TUSM:Information Technology
Patricia A. Harper, TUSM:Pathology & Laboratory Medicin
Georgina H. Howell, Pharmacy:Dean’s Office
Charles E. James, Campus Safety
Valerie D. Johnson-Roberts, CPH:Social Work
Joseph J. Meissler, TUSM:Center Substance Abuse Res
Kathleen M. Mills-Noel, Main-Building Maintenance
Peggy E. Moore, Vice Provost Undergraduate Studies
Jean M. Tamasauskas, TUSM:PM&R
Clara Terry-Griffin, Dental:Admissions
Luz D. Villarante, TUSM:Orthopedics

30 years 7/1/86-6/30/87
David P. Brown, CFA:Central Administration
Sarah M. Carroll, CPH:Physical Therapy
Vilma Chambers, TUSM:Neurosurgery
Jeffrey L. Chapman, Campus Safety
Diane R. Clark, TUSM:TUP Operations
Michael H. Clemmons, CPH:Center for Social Policy
Kenneth G. Daskus, DDS:Wachman DPC
Sherman Diggs, Main-Trucking
Lillian L. English-Hentz, Campus Safety
Joan R. Frazier, TUSM:Medicine/General Internal
Brenda L. Galloway-Wright, Paley Library
Karen A. Hardy, Dental:Billing Office
Carol L. Harvey, Campus Safety
Susan P. Hyer, Administration
Milta S. Irizarry, HSC-Administration
Marguerite Jackson, CFA:Advising Center
James D. Johnson, Music:Vocal Arts
Mansura Karim, CPH:Social Work
Karen A. Kurfuerst, Parking:Clearinghouse
Salvador J. Martin, Telecommunications
Eileen M. McShea, Finance and Administration
Ava Morgan, Dental:Clinical Affairs
Evelyn M. Myers, HR:Payroll Management
Reid R. Overturf, Academic Computer Services
Donna M. Patterson, Student Financial Services
Dawn E. Ramos, Klein College:Administration
Thomas H. Redman, Telecommunications
Faye Richardson, CLA:Dean’s Office
Michael F. Riordan, Application Support Services
Sandra M. Rodville, Athletics:Athletic Medicine
Joseph F. Rudy, TUSM:Orthopedics
Michael Stone, Housing:Johnson Hardwick
Michael E. Taylor, Telecommunications
Tanya A. Taylor, CLA:Political Science
Michelle K. Trasken, Bursar
Ann H. Untalan, TUSM:Finance
Dale A. Venturini, Internal Audit
Thomasina Way, TUSM:Finance
Martha J. Willis, TUSM:Otolaryngology
Rosemarie A. Wint, CLA:English
Walter M. Wolansky, Engineering:Dean’s Office

25 years 7/1/91-6/30/92
Samuel A. Alston, BUE Training Fund
Michael P. Boland, TUSM:Information Technology
Willie Brumfield, Main-Housekeeping
Gregory Cade, Housing:Maintenance Administration
George L. Clanton, Campus Safety
Valentina Cleary, Tyler:Architecture
Gavin T. Collier, Campus Safety
Robert N. Dimeo, HR:Compensation
Kim A. Downing, TUSM:Neurosurgery
Karen R. Eisenhart, TUSM:Orthopedics
Marylouise C. Esten, HSC Provost
Anna C. Harris, DDS:Administration
Carmen S. Harris, Podiatric Medicine
Delores Harvin, Admissions
Muriel R. Hooks, CST:Academic Advising
Stanley R. Horwitz, Infrastructure, Operations & Securi
Mary A. Jenkins, Ed:Office for Field Placement
Deborah A. Johnson, Main-Housekeeping
Preston H. Johnson, Campus Safety
Julia E. Kershaw-St.George, Education:Dean’s Office
Joseph C. Leotti, Telecommunications
Anthony P. Lower, Application Support Services
Leonard D. Lucas, Campus Safety
Charles F. Markocki, Dental:Clinical Affairs
Terry T. Mckenzie, TUSM:Mailroom
Marilyn C. Meissler, Pharmacy:Dean’s Office
Francine M. Miles, Student Financial Services
Gwendolyn Miller, Education:Teaching & Learning
Sandra P. Moore, TUSM:TUP Operations
Magdalena Nieves, TUSM:TMS-Administration
Geralyn M. O’Kane, HR:Benefits Administration
Margaro Ortiz, Main-Administration
Bonny M. Reeder, Dental:Dean’s Office
Teresa Rios, TUSM:OB/GYN
Nenita B. Rivero, TUSM:Medicine/Cardiology
Leroy W. Roberts, Athletics:Administration
Tracy M. Rocks, TUSM:Surgery/Cardiac
William Salsbery, TUSM:Information Technology
James Savage, Campus Safety
Jennifer H. Silvestri, HR:Benefits Administration
Sydnora B. Simon, Education:Teaching & Learning
Paul M. Smith, Telecommunications
Rodrigo T. Tapales, Main-Housekeeping
Charles Washington, Housing:Johnson Hardwick
Diane Washington, Main-Housekeeping
Kathy R. White, Campus Safety
Chester P. Wichowski, Education:Center Career & Tech Ed
Manuel E. Williams, Campus Safety
Charles Wilson, Housing:Johnson Hardwick