50 Years 7/1/65 – 6/30-66
Carolyn Sterling, TUSM:Finance

45 Years 7/1/70 – 6/30/71
Burton J. Benenson, Law:Library
Linda A. Billingiere, TUSM:Orthopedics
Doris J. Clowney, S.C.C.A. Administration
David P. Dillard, Paley Library

40 Years 7/1/75 – 6/30/76
Richard M. Englert, Sr. VP & Provost
Gertrude H. Fitchett, Pharmacy:Dean’s Office
Diana J. Herman, Student Financial Services
Eileen Maria Hyams Kolick, TUSM:Student and Employee Health
Stephen E. Pavlo, Law:Library
Lynne R. Rivers, TUSM:Medicine/Hepatology
Veronica E. Roberson-Tinsley, Government,Community and Public Affairs
William J. Tataren, Campus Safety

35 Years 7/1/80 – 6/30/81
Virginia Alvord, Spec Events-Admin
Brian J. Basenfelder, Admissions
James C. Bausman, Internal Audit
Debra L. Beck-Russell, Institutional Advancement
Edda E. Bejarano, Campus Safety
Debbie L. Bennett-Kenney, Banner Student Competency Center
Brenda E. Brutley, Telecommunications
Robert J. Busarello, Main-Steam Plant
John P. Calabro, Main-Steam Plant
Evelina P. Carmona, Office of the Vice Provost-Faculty
Richard J. Cicalese, SMC:Operations and Supplies
Chris P. Eichler, Campus Safety
Valerie C. Goetz, TUSM:Orthopedics
Andrea S. Goldstein, Library:Ambler
Bernice B. Harris, Business:Academic Services
Daniel G. Henderson, Law:Library
Gail C. Holland, Student Financial Services
Gloria Holmes, TUSM:Fels Institute
Donnita R. Howard, TUSM:Medicine/General Internal
Timothy J. Hueber, Campus Safety
Gregory Konicki, Application Support Services
Donald L. Krajewski, Campus Safety
Wendy Lebing, Pharmacy:QA/RA
Edwin L. Lewis, Institutional Research & Assessment
Annamarie Maikner, TUSM:Administration
David I. McCoullum, Campus Safety
Nathaniel P. Moore, Campus Safety
Jeffrey J. Muldrow, Campus Safety
Karen E. Pyle, Academic Computer Services
Andy T. Riccardi, HSC-Housekeeping
Deborah A. Riley, Business:Dean’s Office
Thelisie L. Roberts, Campus Safety
Jan E. Romano, Environment Health and Safety
Gradette D. Willis, CPH:Student Services

30 Years 7/1/85 – 6/30/86
Frank A. Baglia, Environmental Health & Safety
Marie C. Birster, Tyler:Dean’s Office
Bounnack N. Bounnarath, Main-Housekeeping
Gayle D. Conley, SMC:Advertising
Eleni S. Costa, TUSM:Neurosurgery
Jeanne C. Daniels, Research Accounting Services
Theresa A. Davis, Paley Library
Donald L. Deigh, CST:Dean’s Office
Frank A. Fiora, Main-835 Service Center
David R. Glezerman, Bursar
Linda M. Godfrey, Dental:Dean’s Office
Joanne Y. Harris, TUSM:Neurology
Denise B. Harrod, Bursar:Credit and Collection
Nadia E. Harvin, Athletics:Administration
Joann V. Horton-Walker, TUSM:Surgery/General
Barbara L. Irby, Campus Safety
Jeffrey L. Johnson, Campus Safety
Felicia A. Kelly, TUSM:Finance
Renee Kirby, Disability Resources and Services
Jetina C. Lawrence, TUSM:Medicine/Rheumatology
Charles J. Leone, Campus Safety
William D. Lowe, Telecommunications
Michael D. Macey, Housing:Johnson Hardwick
Thomas Maiorano, Student Financial Services
Kenneth S. McGuire, Campus Safety
Sharon M. McHugh, Ambler:Camp and Comm Service
Jacqueline Moore, SMC:Advising
Charles Musgrove, Admissions
John R. Nahrgang, Client Services
David W. Plasket, CST:Chemistry
Joanne D. Rempfer, Library:Ambler
Thomas Rios, Main-Building Maintenance
Cecil A. Scott, Campus Safety
Peggy J. Shadding, CLA:Asian & Midd Eastern Languages
Vincent P. Smart, Dental:Dental Informatics
Brent P. Tillman, Campus Safety
Angelina D. Tupas, Paley Library
Pamela Y. Watters, Bursar:Credit and Collection
Stephen E. Young, Campus Recreation
Jeffrey Zambino, Telecommunications

25 Years 7/1/90 – 6/30/91
Yvette F. Barker-Bolden, Ed:Institute on Disabilities
Jeffrey R. Bazin, Application Support Services
Maria Benjumea, TUSM:Medicine/General Internal
Lewis T. Bright, TUSM:Central Animal Facilities
Sallie Buckner, TUSM:Otolaryngology
Robert Cahall, General Accounting
Mary E. Chesney, Main-Housekeeping
Bernadette M. Clemens, TUSM:Administration
Delores Cooper, Student Financial Services
Joan A. Craig, Telecommunications
Dorothea Culbreth, TUSM:Neurology
Lonny Dash, Infrastructure, Operations & Securi
Joseph P. Defranco, Education:Center Career & Tech Ed
Lisa K. Fitch, Business:MA/MS/Ph.D Program
Brian E. Forman, Application Support Services
Linda T. Frazer, Finance and Administration
Jeffrey S. Ginsburg, Main-Post Office
Shelly A. Hawkins, Bursar:Credit and Collection
Catherine G. Heberley, Education:Center Career & Tech Ed
Richard Hernandez, TUSM:Otolaryngology
Kristye C. Howard, Housing:Administration
Anna L. Hsieh, Application Support Services
Raymond E. Johnson, Admissions
John A. Kaminski, Telecommunications
Allison F. Levin, Technical Support Services
Jodi Levine Laufgraben, Office of the Provost
Thomas C. Martin, TUSM:Orthopedics
Gene A. Mayro, Academic Computer Services
Sylvia Mcnally, Pharmacy:QA/RA
Benny G. Mcneil, Dental:Clinical Affairs
Jewel Merrell, TUSM:Finance
Annalisa M. Muldrow, Housing:Johnson Hardwick
Shyam K. Nair, Law:Library
Jenny N. Nelson, Accounts Payable
Paul E. Paire Technical, Support Services
Jeanette W. Pastelak, Research Accounting Services
Annamarie J. Pyfer, TUSM:Ophthalmology
Frank C. Qualtieri, Housing:Triangle Apt Complex
Dewayne J. Sherrod, Housing:Johnson Hardwick
Lorraine Stewart, TUSM:OB/GYN
Myra Taksa, Application Support Services
Judith F. Tindall, CLA:Psychology
Matthew P. Waldron, Application Support Services
Geraldine Walker, Main-Administration
Michael A. Wasserleben, Application Support Services
Joseph D. Waters, Housing:Resident Life
Marcia E. Whitaker, Ambler:Faculty Office
Lily Zhang, Lung Research Center