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Vincent Voelz

Vincent Voelz
Vincent Voelz

Vincent Voelz
Department of Chemistry, Temple University
1901 N 13th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Office: (215) 204-1973

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Vincent Voelz is a researcher who specializes in studying the dynamics of biomolecules. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and later completed his Ph.D. in Biophysics at the University of California-San Francisco in the laboratory of Ken A. Dill. Voelz conducted postdoctoral research at Stanford University in the laboratory of Vijay Pande, using distributed computing and kinetic network models to understand protein folding. In 2011, he started his own research career at Temple University, focusing on simulation methods for computational molecular design. Voelz’s work has contributed to our knowledge of folding and binding processes and has been published in many scientific papers. He continues to explore new ways to understand complex biological systems.