Social Events

Monthly Lunches

The Temple University Postdoc Association (TUPA) meets for monthly lunches at Main Campus on 2nd Friday of the month and at Health Science Campus on the 3rd Friday of the month. Bring your own lunch and come catch up with other postdocs.

While campus is closed due to COVID-19, we are holding virtual lunches on Zoom. Contact Em ( for more information.

Main Campus Lunch

Pictured left to right: Sarah, André, Katie, Amilkar, Jason, Drew, Emily, Emily

Virtual Lunch

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Jennica, Sarah, Yulia, Charlotte, Jason


Monthly Socials

The Temple University Postdoc Association (TUPA) has held monthly social events since December 2018. Highlights include dinner outings, happy hours, museums, potluck meals, and park days. These multidisciplinary events have included postdocs from over 15 departments, fostering inter-departmental networking. Our socials are a great way to form meaningful relationships and explore Philadelphia together!

While on-campus activities are limited due to COVID-19, we are hosting virtual socials. Check out the Events Calendar for more details on upcoming virtual events.

October 2020

TUPA joined Jefferson University postdocs for a Halloween-themed social, including a costume contest, scavenger hunt, and escape room.

September 2020

TUPA and alumni celebrated National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week #NPAW with a night of online trivia. High fives to Battuya for her win!

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Jennica, Charlotte, Battuya, Sarah, Lauren, Emily, Brooke

August 2020

The postdocs shared readings on the theme of pets & plants in an event inspired by Lit Atlanta.

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Jennica, Sarah, Battuya, Emily, Charlotte

July 2020

The postdocs baked and decorated focaccia bread with the theme Temple Pride!

June 2020

The postdocs enjoyed hearing each other’s musical talents at our virtual open mic night.

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Lauren, Charlotte, Dimos, Battuya, Jason, Angelo, Jennica

May 2020

A group of postdocs got together for a virtual game night.

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Sarah, Battuya, Em, Kathy, Brooke, Charlotte, Inez, Shubhmita

April 2020

The postdocs had fun playing trivia and other games over Zoom!

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Charlotte, Sarah, Jason, Brooke, Battuya, Drew, Jennica, Helene, Lauren

February 2020

The postdocs enjoyed a fun outing exploring the science exhibits at the Franklin Institute.

Pictured left to right: Inés, James, Sarah, Jennica

January 2020

This month, we enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner followed by an outing at Manayunk Brewing Company. A huge thank you to Jennica for hosting us for the potluck!

Pictured top left to bottom right: Charlotte, Kayleigh, Jason, Amilkar, Blaine, Mir, James, Inés, Mary, Jennica, Lauren, Helene, Brooke, Battuya, Sarah

January 2020

The postdocs had a great time cheering on the Temple men’s basketball team. Many thanks to Sharon Barkley and the Office of the Vice President for Research for hosting us!

Pictured top left to bottom right: Mir, Rebecca, Rafael, Battuya, Antonia, Angelo, Brian, Jason, Jennica, Sarah, Brooke

December 2019

TUPA celebrated the one-year anniversary of our monthly social events with a holiday party at Strangelove’s.

Pictured top left to bottom right: Drew, André, James, Tom, Jason, Sarah, Charlotte, Cristina, Amilkar, Yulia, Emily, Nick, Iva, Jennica, Helene, Brooke, Alvaro, Angelo

November 2019

The postdocs shared their interesting and amazing research (and some drinks) in a series of short talks.

Pictured left to right: Angelo, André, Sarah, Antonia, Alvaro, Jason, Drew, Yulia, Charlotte

October 2019

The postdocs enjoyed an authentic Italian dinner at Angelina’s restaurant in South Philly.

Pictured left to right: André, Blaine, Brooke, Yulia, Amilkar, Charlotte, Angelo, Dimosthenis, Jennica, Battuya, Anand, Loukmane

September 2019

In honor of National Postdoc Association Week, we gathered for coffee and refreshments. Many thanks to Mat Wimmer from the Psychology Department for sponsoring this event!

Pictured top left to bottom right: Brian, Drew, André, Sarah, Amilkar, Dimosthenis, Shinichi, Emily, Charlotte, Charlotte, Yulia, Battuya, Jennica

September 2019

To celebrate National Postdoc Association Week, we participated in a joint event with UPenn, CHOP, Jefferson, Wistar, and Drexel at The Post at Cira Garage. It was great to do some networking and meet postdocs from other universities.

Drew and Charlotte pictured with leadership teams from participating universities.

August 2019

The postdocs enjoyed a cultural evening as we explored the exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Pictured left to right front: Rafael, Jennica, Sarah, Blaine, Amilkar, Brooke, Rebecca

July 2019

This happy hour social at Goose Island Brewhouse was a great way to enjoy the nice summer weather.

Pictured left to right: Alex, Angelo, Sarah André, Clara, Charlotte, Battuya

June 2019

This Sunday afternoon potluck was held at Fairmount Park. We enjoyed a picnic and some fresh air in a beautiful, wooded setting.

Pictured top left to bottom right: Charlotte, Drew, Mir, Debbie, James, John, James, Sarah, Tiffany, Chih-Ru, Sayeda, Clara, Emily, Yi

May 2019

The group got back to our roots with a happy hour at Draught Horse Pub, where we had our first social back in 2018.

April 2019

This potluck event was held at Love City Brewing. We spent a Sunday afternoon chatting and sharing dishes from across the globe. This was also our first event open to friends and partners!

Pictured left to right: Drew, Vianney, Amilkar, Antonia, Yulia, Anand, Battuya, Sarah, Tom, Charlotte

March 2019

We met at U-Bahn bar for dinner and drinks followed by live music at Maison 208.

Pictured left to right: Amilkar, Antonia, Battuya

February 2019

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Sampan restaurant in Center City, followed by an outing at Time whiskey bar and taproom.

Pictured left to right: Charlotte, Drew, Chih-Ru, Wenyu

January 2019

The postdocs escaped the cold with dinner and drinks at The Black Sheep Pub in Rittenhouse Square.

December 2018

Our very first social event was held at Draught Horse Pub, a local favorite on Temple’s main campus.

Pictured left to right: Charlotte, Drew, Angelo