Category: Volume 30

Volume 30, Number 2 (Fall 2016)


No Place for Immunity: The Arguments Against the African Criminal Court’s Article 46BIS
Miriam Abaya

An International Perspective: Why the United States Should Provide a Public Performance Right for Non-Digital Audio Transmissions
Miranda Bullard

Recent Developments in the United Nations: Shifting from Ideals and Principles to Action and Enforcement
Melissa Castillo

Whole Again? Statutory Compensation Schemes as a Tort Alternative in the Aftermath of Terror Attacks
Kaitlin Halsell

Practical Implications of the Actus Reus Elements of the Crime of Aggression for Leadership Directed Intelligence Collection and Dissemination
Kevin Hill

Crypto Wars 2.0: Why Listening to Apple on Encryption Will Make America More Secure
Paul McLaughlin

A Reimagined Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: From Deterrence to Restoration and Beyond
Anu Thomas



Volume 30, Number 1 (Spring 2016)


Why the Hurry to Regulate Autonomous Weapon Systems-But Not Cyber-Weapons?
Kenneth Anderson

Out of the Loop
Gary Brown

A Meaningful Floor for “Meaningful Human Control”
Rebecca Crootof

Accountability and Autonomous Weapons: Much Ado About Nothing?
Charles J. Dunlap Jr.

Autonomous Weapons and International Humanitarian Law or Killer Robots Are Here. Get Used To It.
Shane Harris

Setting the Stage: Autonomous Legal Reasoning in International Humanitarian Law
Duncan Hollis

Why Words Matter: The Real World Consequences of Defining Autonomous Weapons Systems
Michael C. Horowitz

Autonomous Weapons and the Nature of Law and Morality: How Rule-of-Law-Values Require Automation of the Rule of Law
Duncan MacIntosh

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (Laws): Conducting a Comprehensive Weapons Review
Michael W. Meier

Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Threshold of Non-International Armed Conflict
Sasha Radin and Jason Coats

Centaur Warfighting: The False Choice of Humans vs. Automation
Paul Scharre

Controlling Humans and Machines
Bryant Walker Smith

Autonomous Weapons: Regulation Tolerant or Regulation Resistant?
Sean Watts