Volume 30, Number 1 (Spring 2016)


Why the Hurry to Regulate Autonomous Weapon Systems-But Not Cyber-Weapons?
Kenneth Anderson

Out of the Loop
Gary Brown

A Meaningful Floor for “Meaningful Human Control”
Rebecca Crootof

Accountability and Autonomous Weapons: Much Ado About Nothing?
Charles J. Dunlap Jr.

Autonomous Weapons and International Humanitarian Law or Killer Robots Are Here. Get Used To It.
Shane Harris

Setting the Stage: Autonomous Legal Reasoning in International Humanitarian Law
Duncan Hollis

Why Words Matter: The Real World Consequences of Defining Autonomous Weapons Systems
Michael C. Horowitz

Autonomous Weapons and the Nature of Law and Morality: How Rule-of-Law-Values Require Automation of the Rule of Law
Duncan MacIntosh

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (Laws): Conducting a Comprehensive Weapons Review
Michael W. Meier

Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Threshold of Non-International Armed Conflict
Sasha Radin and Jason Coats

Centaur Warfighting: The False Choice of Humans vs. Automation
Paul Scharre

Controlling Humans and Machines
Bryant Walker Smith

Autonomous Weapons: Regulation Tolerant or Regulation Resistant?
Sean Watts