Category: Volume 16

Volume 16, Number 2 (Fall 2002)


Destructive Economic Policies in the Age of Terrorism: Government-Sanctioned Gambling as Encouraging Transboundary Economic Raiding and Destabilizing National and International Economies
John Warren Kindt & Anne E. C. Brynn

Employee Inventions and Works for Hire in Japan: A Comparative Study Against the U.S., Chinese, and German Systems
Vai Io Lo

Japanese Health Care Legislation: Public Choice Perspective
Maki Yoshida


Rediscovering International Law After September 11
Richard A. Falk

The Role of International Criminal Law in the Prosecution of War Crimes
Richard Goldstone

WTO and the Rule of Law in China
Cao Jianming

Notes & Comments

Nguyen v. INS: Are Sex-based Classifications in Citizenship Laws Really Constitutional?
Jacqueline Barrett

Den Norske Stats QijeselskAup As v. HeereMac Vof. Interpreting the Foreign Antitrust Improvements Act to Determine Whether “a Claim” Means “the Claim”
David V. Dzara

One Country, Two Ideologies: The Rule of Law in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Lilly W.Y. Heong

Combating Child Pornography on the Internet: The Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercime
Dina I. Oddis

Gonzalez v. Reno: A Proper but Most Unpopular Decision
Rebecca Thomas

To Zedillo or not to Zedillo, Why the World Needs an ITO
Whitney Whisenhunt


Volume 16, Number 1 (Spring 2002)


Both Ends Against the Middle: European Integration, Devolution, and the Sites of Sovereignty in the United Kingdom
David Jenkins

Battered Immigrant Women Caught in the Intersection of U.S. Criminal and Immigration Laws: Consequences and Remedies
Hannah R. Shapiro

The Use of Palestinian Children in the Al-Aqsa Intifada: A Legal and Political Analysis
Justus Reid Weiner


The Hidden Gender of International Law
Hilary Charlesworth

Notes & Comments

The Sink that Sank the Hague: A Comment on the Kyoto Protocol
Zoya E. Bailey

Changing Immigration for Arabs with Anti-terrorism Legislation: September 11th Was Not the Catalyst
Adrienne R. Bellino

Havana Club Rum: One Step Back for U.S. International Trademark Policy
Joseph Bradica

United States, Germany, and South Africa: Constitutional Legislation and Judicial Decisions on Abortion—Testing Judicial Globalization
Sarah Davis

International Copyright Law: Is It Music to American Ears?
Heather Nehila

United States’ Tax Treatment for Foreign Sales Corporations
Misti L. Wetzel