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Latest Inside Innovation Available

The newest edition of BusinessWeek’s IN (Inside Innovation) is found it the December 1, 2008 issue, but you can also find it online. This issue features two interesting profiles. First it examines the work of David Rockwell, an architect who shifted his career to design and now creates designs for building interiors, products and processes. Even in a down economy Rockwell’s firm is growing and adding more staff.

Can you encourage innovation with contests? Peter Diamandis thinks so. IN takes a look at the work of his X Foundation and its multiple prizes, such as Lunar X Prize for the first privately-funded team that can land a robot on the moon or the $100,000 being offered for the best idea in making the airport check-in process faster. And were you aware that India’s design startups are growing so rapidly they may exceed the country’s computer support centers. For the first time, India is designing products from start to finish. You may also enjoy the usual graphics as well.

Latest IN (Inside Innovation) Now Available

The latest edition of BusinessWeek magazine’s design and innovation supplement, IN – Inside Innovation, is now available online. The focus is quite timely – how can America use “innovations economics” to restore and achieve sustainable global competitiveness. Despite nearly $5 trillion dedicated to research and development since 2000 the country is experiencing economic stagnation. Of course there are the usual charts and articles about innovation. It’s worth taking a look at.