Latest IN All About INnovation

The latest issue on IN, BusinessWeek’s design supplement, is now available online. If you are into innovation, this is a must issue for you. The focus is on the most innovative companies. The report ranks the 50 companies that value creative people in good times and bad. This special report on “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” includes an interview with Jeff Bezos of Amazon, profiles of firms such as GE Healthcare, Nintendo, and Hewlett-Packard. Plus there are two slide shows on innovation tools and collaborative innovation.

So, which companies made the top ten? Try to guess a few before you check out the list below:


1. Apple

2. Google

3. Toyota

4. General Electric

5. Microsoft

6. TATA Group

7. Nintendo

8. Procter & Gamble

9. Sony

10. Nokia

Does it all sound too corporate for you? Hey, this is BusinessWeek. I don’t doubt there are a few lessons in innovation found within this issue of IN. That’s why I’ll be reading it, just as I do everytime IN is published.

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