Tune In To A Live Web Program On The Technology Ratchet And Design Thinking

Sorry for this bit of self-promotion, but perhaps some DBL readers may wish to take advantage of a presentation I’ll be giving tomorrow at the LACUNY conference at Baruch College in New York City. They plan to stream the presentation live on the web (how well that will work I have no idea). The title of the presentation is “Reversing the Technology Ratchet: Using Design Thinking to Align Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch”. The focus of their one-day program is hi-tech versus hi-touch. I’ll be talking about the pressures to implement new technologies in the library, what design thinking can offer, and how it might help to give librarians a better way to balance hi-tech and hi-touch. You can find a description here. To get to the streaming web broadcast at 9:15 am (EST) go to: http://media.baruch.cuny.edu/html/live/ . If you are able to tune in I hope you find it a worthwhile presentation.

I don’t know if they plan to archive the presentation for those who are busy tomorrow, but if I get information on that I’ll share it as a comment to this post.

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