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Eligibility & Application


Any full-time high school (ages 14-18), undergraduate (ages 18+), or graduate (ages 18+). Teams must be composed of members from the same academic level. See FAQs for more information.


Have the following information ready for the online registration form:

  1. Team name
  2. Institution name
  3. Team member details: size (2-4 members), full names, email addresses, profile photos and short bios (200 characters per member)
  4. Faculty advisor/mentor (with institution-affiliated email address). The advisor/mentor can be full-time faculty, full-time staff or full-time graduate student. Advisors/mentors who have part-time status (adjuncts, members from industry/government/nonprofit etc.) are not permitted. If you are a graduate student team, your advisor/mentor must be faculty or staff. Each team can only have ONE advisor/mentor.
  5. If any member of the team is under 18 years of age, page 3 of this consent form must be completed by each member as part of the application.
  6. Proof of full-time enrollment (see FAQs for more information).
  7. The link to your team’s 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) on either identity theft or scams. It can be a YouTube or Google Drive link. Make sure that you’ve set the share permissions correctly so we can view the PSA. Also, ensure that the link works till the competition deadline. You can also choose to have your PSA considered for our annual PSA contest. The PSA should:
    1. Have a catchy/informative title at the beginning
    2. Explain what the topic is are and why it is important
    3. Three steps to prevent/mitigate/protect from these scams/identity theft
    4. Have end credits (team member names, school name, any free resources used to create the video ex: images, audio, etc. to ensure copyrights are not violated) – this is not part of the 30 second time limit.
  8. How you heard about this event (please be as detailed as possible. If your advisor/mentor told you about it, please let us know how they heard about it).


  1. Participation will require parental permission (if under age 18).
  2. All selected participants must sign two waivers. The first waiver ensures that students do not cheat or use external/professional assistance.
  3. Zoom calls will be recorded, and those that are excellent will be shared on our website and/or at conference presentations! Each member of selected teams must also complete a second waiver which includes an audio-visual release to compete. This allows organizers to use images, audio, text, and video generated during the competition for event promotion and dissemination via conferences, publications, and podcasts.
  4. Each member of selected teams will be required to complete a pre-event and post-event survey.