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Industry, Government and Nonprofit testimonials

We often have experts from industry, government, and nonprofts work serve on our Advisory Board and also engage with students during the live competition. You can hear more from them via our CARE POD podcast (episodes 4&5), but here are some of their testimonials!

“Social engineering has definitely gotten picked up more and more; higher profile targets have been attacked via social engineering and I think it’s a big blind spot that a lot of schools and companies don’t think about as much; they are concerned with the technical controls and not with the people controls” – Industry representative

“Unless we understand how people are being social engineered it’s very difficult to come up with [effective] technical controls or product offerings” – Industry representative

“Social engineering is a part of our everyday lives and we are seeing a huge uptick in misinformation and disinformation… and we don’t have a grasp on [SE] yet… and if you don’t understand it, you’re going to get hit by it” – Government representative

“The more eyes we can get on this problem, and the more thoughts we can put into this [SE] space, maybe we can produce something [that is meaningful]… cybersecurity is a shared problem… when you see how the real world works, you realize  it’s all connected. You can either play in your silo and lose the battle or you can open up to new ideas and realize you can’t solve the problem by yourself” – Nonprofit representative

“I recognized that hardly anyone is doing [SE]… it’s rare to be able to exercise and practice this skill ethically… [it] is hard to teach… it needs to happen, we need more of it, but really… being in that type of education environment… was fun!” – Government representative

“We mistake [SE] awareness for actual knowledge and ability, and I don’t think we’re going to get past that until we actually practice the skill [and] until it’s part of our education” – Government representative

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