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Bennett, J., Craig, P., Aytur, S., Thompson, T., Roscoe, H., & Gravink, J. (2022). Community-based recreational therapy for veterans with behavioral health disorders: Impacts on quality of life, participation, and happiness. Community Mental Health Journal, 58, 1477-1486.

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Hudes, R., Baptist-Mohseni, N., Dimech, C., Rich, J., Troyer, A., & Vandermorris, S. (2022). Evaluating the effectiveness of compensatory memory interventions in adults with acquired brain injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis of memory and everyday outcomes. Neuropsychology, 36(4), 243-265.

Kwok, J., Lee, J., Choi, E., Chau, P., & Auyeung, M. (2022). Stay mindfully active during the coronavirus pandemic: A feasibility study of mHealth-delivered mindfulness yoga program for people with parkinson’s disease. BMC Complementary Medicine & Therapies, 22(37), 1-12.

Loh, E., Mirkowski, M., Agudelo, A., Allison, D., Benton, B., Bryce, T., Guilcher, S., Jeji, T., Kras-Dupuis, A., Kreutzwiser, D., Lanizi, O., Lee-Tai-Fuy, G., Middleton, J., Moulin, D., O’Connell, C., Orenczuk, S., Potter, P., Short, C., Teasell, R., Townson, A., Wilderstrom-Noga, E., Wolfe, D., Xia, N., & Mehta, S. (2022). The CanPain SCI clinical practice guidelines for rehabilitation management of neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury: 2021 update. Spinal Cord, 60, 548-566.

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