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Abdullah, S., Rambli, D., Sulaiman, S., Alyan, E., Merienne, F., & Diyana, N. (2021). The impact of virtual nature therapy on stress responses: A systematic qualitative review. Forests, 12(12), 1776.

Najafabadi, M., Shariat, A., Dommerholt, J., Hakakzadeh, A., Nakhostin-Ansari, A., Selk-Ghaffari, M., Ingle, L., & Cleland, J. (2021). Aquatic therapy for improving lower limbs function in post-stroke survivors: A systematic review with meta-analysis. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation. Online ahead of print. Link to publisher’s article.

Suleiman-Martos, N., Garcia-Lara, R., Membrive-Jimenez, M., Pradas-Hernandez, L., Romero-Bejar, J., Dominguez-Vias, G., & Gomez-Urquiza, J. (2022). Effect of game-based intervention on preoperative pain and anxiety in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Clinical Nursing. Online ahead of print.