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Rowland, L. & Curry, S. (2018). A range of kindness activities boost happiness. The Journal of Social Psychology, 27, 1-4. Link to publisher’s article.

Mikal-Flynn, J., Anderson, L., & Hoffman, J. (2018). Posttraumatic growth and metahabilitation in recreational therapy: A strengths-based pathway to recovery. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, LII(3), 269-287. Link to publisher’s article.

Ratcliff, K., Hong, I., & Hilton, C. (2018). Leisure participation patterns for school age youth with autism spectrum disorders: Findings from the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, NL(NL), 1-11. Link to publisher’s article.

Hodge, C., Zabriskie, R., Townsend, J., Eggett, D., & Poff, R. (2018). Family leisure functioning: A cross-national study. Leisure Sciences, 40(3), 194-215. Link to publisher’s article.

McQuoid, J. (2017). Finding joy in poor health: The leisure-scapes of chronic illness. Social Science & Medicine, 183, 88-96. Link to publisher’s article.