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Fall 2021 Schedule

The schedule for fall 2021 is ready! We are planning to offer groups via zoom. You can download the schedule here, or email me at for more information. Please

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Philadelphia Aphasia Community at Temple

The Philadelphia Aphasia Community at Temple (PACT) is a very supportive, engaging, comfortable, and social group at Temple for people who have aphasia. PACT provides us with information about how to participate in various group activities, which then carries over and impacts our daily living within our communities. We promote a safe and accepting environment for people with similar communication needs and styles. We participate in all different groups, including Active Living, spirituality, technology, PACT singers, CHAT (a conversational group), games, Art group, and “Finding the Words” (a book writing group), which are all incredibly fun and exciting. In PACT we have the freedom to choose the groups and activities that we participate in. We are here to encourage and motivate you!

Living with Aphasia

“Say the Word”

“Say the Word” Speak each word softly Make it very clear Not yelling or shouting I’m standing right here Slow it down There’s no need to rush No need to

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