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CHAT with friends in a supportive environment.

Quotes about this group from PACT members:

"I like the group because I like the people. Little slower but take time, good conversation."

Melissa C.
"It's learning that we all share... I love some of the different things we learn: the stocks [stock market]. Everyday its something... Each week it is something I am interested in or something I learn. It's like a museum... Last week we talked about the virus. It's a virtual museum. I look forward to it."
Cheryl P.
"Because of the stroke I lost a lot of friends. So now that is a reason to join it [CHAT] because the people are easier to communicate from the condition that I have... explain this or that or anything else bother you so you can communicate."
"I've been doing this [aphasia] for over 4 years. The first 2 or 3 were really bad but it gets better each year. A lot of the credit goes to the people here in CHAT. It's nice all of the people... gives me great pleasure... every one of them I got to know better and it's very nice that I've done that."
Scott T.
"What she said."
Wayne G.