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My Flowers Died

My flowers died

I took care of them

Sunshine, water, soil, they were heathy

I always took time to speak to them and smell them

and gave with my whole heart,

happiness, warmth, kindness and love


With no warning they died

Why did this happen?


The soft petals, protected leaves

And the long, firm stems stood erect, and then dropped!

Strong and deep roots turned into rigid dry soil


Please believe me, I did take care of them with my whole heart,

happiness, warmth, kindness and love


I grieved them and cried,

sobbed with so many tears

The soil become soggy and the

weeds were growing and invading my heart


Weeds were spreading throughout my sadness and

strangling my throat

I can’t talk and the only thing I can do is scream!!!


Please believe me, I’m covered with poison ivy

It is increasing my agony and I can’t take it anymore!


Dig and pull out the weeds

And now take all the suffering away


A blanket of seeds with positivity and determination

they will grow flowers

Sunshine, water, soil and I will talk to them

My whole heart of happiness, warmth, kindness and love

They will thrive and bloom!!!


Jenn Derry

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