2021 Winners Page

2021 Winners

We are proud to present the 2020–2021 winners of the Livingstone Undergraduate Research Awards.

Creative Works and Media Production

Morgan Moss

Case Study on the use of Pedal in Bach’s Fugue no. 17 in Ab Major BVW 1

Diversity and Social Justice

Bell Thompson

Gender and Jazz: The Experience of Young Women in Jazz Education

General Education Courses

Kirtney Metz

Immigrant Children and School


Emily Collopy

Two Guns for the Reds: Bessie Burchett, Antisemitism, and Far-Right Philadelphia

Social Sciences

Naomi Sanyika Moore

Development of the Student Sexual Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire

STEM Disciplines

Jack Kraynak

Minimizing Cell Death During the Extrusion Bioprinting of Gelatin-Alginate Bioinks