The American Idea on Politics, October 23, 2:00 PM in Paley Library Lecture Hall

A national election is approaching….please join us to consider The American Idea on Politics in a Conversation with Keya Dannenbaum and Hal Gullan, hosted by Robin Kolodny

October 23, 2:00 PM, Paley Library Lecture Hall

As another presidential election approaches, politics are on our minds. America’s founding values of freedom and democracy play out in intriguing ways in the 21st century media-saturated environment. In a world of sound bites, electoral fights, and bipartisan snipes, how can we best participate in a democracy and vote on the issues that are important to us? Panelists Keya Dannenbaum and Hal Gullan will discuss those questions and more on October 23 at Paley.

Dannenbaum is the founder of, a site that translates political data into tools that help build a more informed, engaged, and effective democracy. Dannenbaum has studied and worked in politics from a variety of perspectives:  as a Stanford undergrad and Princeton Ph.D.; internationally as a Fulbright Scholar in Colombia and later in India; nationally in the 2008 Presidential election; and locally for the Mayor of New Haven, CT.

Hal Gullan is an expert on electoral politics, tracing back to his dissertation, “The Upset That Wasn’t-Harry Truman and the Critical Election of 1948,” completed here at Temple. Gullan’s most recent book, Toomey’s Triumph—Inside a Key Senate Campaign (Temple University Press, 2012) is a veteran political observer’s take on the Pat Toomey-Joe Sestak U.S. Senate race of 2010.

Robin Kolodny, Associate Professor of Political Science at Temple, will moderate the program. She is the author of Pursuing Majorities:  Congressional Campaign Committees in American Politics (University of Oklahoma Press, 1998) as well as numerous articles on political parties in Congress, in elections, and in comparative perspective.

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