What’s New Wednesdays: Library Quick Guide

Temple University Libraries staff are constantly asking themselves how to make our collections more accessible, how we can make it easier to get help when it’s needed, and how to help our students and faculty find what they need when they need it. To that end we create numerous research guides, a general user guide to the Libraries, lists of our subject specialists who can answer your questions and even a special guide to computing at the Libraries.

Great stuff, right. But we never rest on our laurels. We are always trying to come up with that next great way to help our community members.

Introducing our new “Getting Started at Temple University Libraries” guide. We’ve distilled the most essential questions and answers into a single, simple guide.

It covers just six things: (1) How do i find a book? (2) How do i find articles? (3) What are the hours? (4) How do i view my account? (5) Where are the study spaces? (6) How can i get more help?

It looks like this:

image of a new library guide

This is our new Getting Started guide

image of new library guide

This is the reverse side of the new quick guide









You can pick up one of these new guides at most of our library service desks. If you have any feedback about our new guide, please let us know.

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