Paley’s Vending Machine Offers Basic Office Supplies

On any given day many students will stop at one of the service desks in Paley Library and ask for any of the following: * a pen * a flash drive * a highlighter Unfortunately, we are unable to provide such supplies to all the students who ask for them each day. Fortunately, students in need of these supplies can now conveniently purchase them in Paley Library. Vending machine stocked with office supplies. We have just added an office supplies vending machine that features all of the above items, plus notebooks, headphones, CD-ROM disks, and more – and we’ll be adding some personal items too, such as tissues and aspirin. Since Paley is open most nights until 2 am, there’s a new options for acquiring these supplies when you need them. You will find the vending machine in the corridor between Paley Library and the Tuttleman Center on the main level of Paley Library. If you have any suggestions for items you’d like to see us offering in the vending machine, let us know with a comment.

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