Library Express!

express-icon-smaller.jpg Library Express! arrives just in time! The new Obama administration is hailing Library Express! as one of the most essential tools in helping to kickstart our economy. The president is lobbying all Temple faculty members to contact their librarian immediately to take advantage of this offer.

As Obama recently commented, “Here’s how it works. Faculty contact librarians. Librarians create customized online course guides for classes. Faculty insert guides into Blackboard. With quick access to excellent sources, students do superior research. Everybody wins…And let me add one more thing: though the current generation of students didn’t get us into this mess, we’ll need everyone to get us out of it. Information is power. Talk to your librarian.”

We are entering terra nova. Students need every possible advantage. Providing quick access to articles, databases, tools and services in Blackboard will lead students to high quality information and improve research quality. Temple’s subject specialists are eager to create customized course guides that fit curricular needs. Integrating them into Blackboard is quick and easy. Subject Specialists // Blackboard Library Sampler // Integrating the Library into Blackboard If you’re a faculty member, contact your librarian. If you’re a student, contact your faculty member. If you are neither faculty, student, nor librarian, just sit back and watch the economy grow.

—Fred Rowland

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