Animation work

I (heart) Jack Lalanne, currently in production.                        Producer/Animator/Editor: LeAnn Erickson

Description: My dad always says that getting old is not for sissies. This animated ‘documentary’ investigates the tolls of aging on the filmmaker, a former nationally competitive athlete, by humorously referencing her childhood hero, Jack Lalanne.


 My Bike, c. February 2003, 1:08, computer animation
Producer/Animator/Editor: LeAnn Erickson

Description: It’s a beautiful day in the city. Jake has his helmet and his bike. Let’s see where the road takes him…


Fun Days with Jake, computer animation, 3:15, c. 2002
Producer/Director/Animator/Editor: LeAnn Erickson

Description: It started out as such a nice day – then the red ball got loose. The adventures that ensued incorporate a jump rope, a video camera, and Jake’s stuffy nose. Will he ever catch that ball?


bees, a documentary, c. 2001, 36 seconds, computer animation
Producer/Animator/Editor: LeAnn Erickson

Description: The life span of an average worker bee is two weeks. This documentary tells one bee’s life story in 36 seconds.

Bun Bun and Skippy go to NYC, c. 2001, 45 seconds
Producer/Animator/Editor: LeAnn Erickson

Description: BunBun, the rabbit and Skippy, the dog can’t agree on where to go while on vacation in New York City. Just when they arrive at a plan a pesky human interferes. Will they ever get to MoMA?


interference, c. 2005, 3:48, computer animation,
Producer/Director/Animator/Editor/Sound Design: LeAnn Erickson

Description: The ghost in the machine is talking again- this time to itself.  ‘interference’ utilizes classic animation and computer rotoscoping techniques to create a conversation between image, sound and space.