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I worked for many years as a literary critic for NRK (the national broadcasting service, radio division), and newspapers such as Klassekampen, Morgenbladet, and Nationen.

I have also edited two book series for Pax Publishing House (co-edited with Mari Lending). The first series is called Pax Palimpsest (a total of 18 volumes, including translations of Gracian, Kant, Benjamin, Schopenhauer, Freud, Hegel, Bourdieu, Kristeva, and others. The second series is called Literary Palimpsest (16 volumes, focusing on translation of literature and essays including Bachmann, Beckett, Bove, DeGourmont, Karl Kraus, and Nabokov). Many of the volumes were supported by Internationes (Germany) and the Norwegian Research Council. Several volumes also came out in Danish editions.

From 1992 to 1996, I was editor of Kritikkjournalen, the Scandinavian University Press’ annual journal of literary criticism (co-edited with Mari Lending). I have been on the Editorial Board of Samtiden (1992-1996) and Agora (2002-2019).

Below is a list that includes some of my academic work in Norwegian. All titles are translated from Norwegian.

a.    Edited Books 

3.    On Good and Bad in Literature: A Schopenhauer Reader. Oslo: Pax Publishing House, 1997

2.    Experience and the Ordinary: A Stanley Cavell Reader. Oslo: Pax Publishing House, 1996

1.    Robert Burton, An Anatomy of Melancholy (selections). Oslo: Pax Publishing House, 1994

b.    Edited Special Volumes

3.    Special issue of Agora (no. 4, 2010), Sculpture. Oslo: Aschehoug Publishing House, 2010

2.    Special issue of Agora (no. 3, 2006), The Museum. Oslo: Aschehoug Publishing House, 2006

1.    Special issue of Agora (no. 1-2, 2004), Philosophy and Architecture. Oslo: Aschehoug Publishing House, 2004

c.     Peer Reviewed Articles and Chapters 

12.  “Global Citizenship: Democracy, Politics, Tolerance” Samtiden. Oslo: Aschehoug Publishing House, 2012, 116-126

11.  “Sculpture, Tragedy, and the End of Art: Hegel and Herder on the Future of Aesthetics,”  Agora, Oslo: Aschehoug Publishing House, 2010, 5-22

10.   “Hegel on Architecture as the Beginning of Art,” Agora, Oslo: Aschehoug Publishing House, 2004, 7-24

9.    Introduction to Friedrich Schiller, Aesthetic Education of Mankind. Oslo: De Norske Bokklubber, 2004, vii-xlii (translation and introduction published with the support of the Norwegian Research Council)

8.    “Post-romantic Mythologies: On Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle,” Kunstkritikk.No

7.    Introduction: The Rosalind Krauss Reader. Oslo: Pax Publishing House, 2002, 227-237 (translation and introduction published with the support of the Norwegian Research Council)

6.    “The Beginning of the End of Art” (Interview with Arthur Danto), Samtiden (Aschehoug Publishing House), no. 4, 2002, 95-105

5.    “Towards a New Political Art? Documenta XI,” Vinduet, Oslo: Gyldendal, 2002, 55-62

4.    “Towards a New Understanding of Political Space,” in Bodil Stenseth (ed.), At the end of the Twentieth-Century, Oslo: Scandinavian University Press, 1999, 175-194

3.    “Hannah Arendt’s Romantic Paradox,” NFT (Norwegian Journal of Philosophy), Oslo: Scandinavian University Press, 1997, 5-25

2.    “Walter Benjamin’s Notion of Literary Criticism,” in Sissel Lie and Liv Nysted (red.), Literary Criticism, Oslo: Cappelen, 1995, 135-145

1.   “An Urban Anatomy: On Eugène Atget and Early 20th-Century Photography in Paris,” Hyperfoto, Oslo: 1994, 36-42


d.    Translations

i.  Introduction (by Stephen Mulhall) to Experience and the Ordinary: A Stanley Cavell Reader, Oslo: Pax Publishing House, 1995

ii. Guy Scarpetta, “Avantgarden,” in Arr: Norwegian Journal for the History of Ideas, 1992 (translated from French)

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