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Car Accidents on the Lincoln Drive Corridor

As the City of Philadelphia nears the end of its Lincoln Drive Restoration Project, I decided to take a look at the actual car accident data that influenced a restoration in the first place.

Data from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation was downloaded for years 2016 – 2019. These public data sets were turned into shapefiles and focused into car accidents that occurred within 100 feet of the Lincoln Drive Corridor. The Lincoln Drive Corridor is defined as the entrance to Wissahickon Drive that turns into Lincoln Drive, the Emlen Street connection to North Lincoln Drive and Cresheim Valley Drive.

The shapefiles are represented both as heat maps and point clusters.

In total from 2016 to 2019, 364 car accidents have been reported along this corridor. Three car accident hot spots are highlighted; 1. – Fork at Cresheim Valley Dr, Emlen St, and North Lincoln Dr; 2. – Most eastern curve on Lincoln Dr; 3. – Southern most curver at the entrance to Lincoln Dr.

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Patterns of Tree Canopy Change and Social Factors

As part of a group project this past semester, my team and I searched to find correlations between a change of tree canopy and socio-economic factors. The hypothesis is that areas that have gentrified or are more desirable would have an increased tree canopy over the 10 year period we investigated.

Tree canopy percentage per census tract was calculated using raster data reclassifications and zonal statistics, both for years 2008 and 2018. Socio-economic data is found from the American Community Survey for years 2008 and 2018. The net changes were found over this 10 year period for tree canopy and socio-economic factors such as property value, race population, rent values, and more.

Overall, Philadelphia county saw a decreased in tree canopy percentage, but many census tracts within the inner-city experience an increase.

I created to bivariate choropleth maps to attempt to visualize some neighborhoods that experience increases in both tree canopy and social factors.

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Setting up new website

Here I am beginning the process of creating my online portfolio. This may take some time as I am finishing up the Fall semester and focusing on final projects. However, let it begin! As soon as my current projects and map design are to an area I am comfortable, I will publish here on my site with descriptions, images, results, and more.

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